Vulcan Capital Management is a diversified private equity investment firm based in New York that targets unique investment opportunities that possess strong growth potential, generating significant returns for its investors.


Vulcan’s investment thesis is simple and concise:

  • Vulcan invests in oil & gas, coal, power and energy assets
    • Extensive market knowledge
    • Consistent long-term value
  • Vulcan invests in middle-market assets
    • Relatively fewer players in the space allow for greater opportunities
    • Large players that dominate these industries leave significant value on the table
  • Vulcan invests in hard assets
    • Minimizes investment risk
    • Allows for more financial and capital markets engineering
  • Vulcan focuses primarily on proprietary deal origination
    • Superior valuations
    • Willing and capable to build and operate businesses

Vulcan advises and invests on behalf of institutional and private investors, including some of the US’s largest endowments, state pension plans, foundations, ERISA pension plans, and high net-worth investors.

Since 1997, Vulcan has completed over 35 transactions worldwide, with a value exceeding $800 million through its family of partner funds and portfolio firms. Additionally, Vulcan has created, partnered, and invested with several institutional investors in a series of one-off transactions representing hundreds of millions of dollars in investments.

Vulcan’s team possesses extensive expertise in private equity, merchant banking, M&A structuring, valuation analysis, capital management, natural resource operations and transaction executions. Vulcan’s M&A specialists have advised and/or closed over $5 billion in M&A transactions. In addition, the principals have assisted in public and private underwriting of over $4.5 billion in equity and debt.

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