Vulcan follows a well-defined and structured approach across each of its investment platforms. In most cases, Vulcan goes beyond traditional financing, and immerses its team into all aspects of the investment process:

  • Identification: Vulcan utilizes its comprehensive industry expertise, in-depth global equity research, and strong proprietary deal flow to identify opportunities.

  • Aquisition: Leveraging its broad experience in financial engineering, Vulcan acquires companies that exhibit significant growth potential.

  • Management: Vulcan adds value to its holdings via strategic operations and management restructuring. It constantly analyzes refinancing options and potential add-ons to ensure growth and sustainability.

  • Monetization: Vulcan maximizes value with optimal exit timing; employing several strategies including IPOs, sale to financial or strategic buyers, or tax-advantaged asset securitizations such as MLPs, income trusts, PIKS, and RTs.

Sector Focus
Vulcan seeks partners with strong management skills, growth potential and market positioning. It invests between $10 million and $300 million on selected transactions in the following sectors:

  • Coal
  • Energy
  • Energy Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Green Technologies
  • Natural Resources
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Technology

Transaction Strategies
Vulcan employs various transaction strategies including:

  • Distressed Restructurings
  • Growth Capital Investments
  • Leveraged and Management Buyouts
  • Mezzanine Investments
  • Recapitalizations
  • Structured Equity Investments


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